La Dama Nebbiolo 2017

La Dama Nebbiolo 2017

La Dama Del Abrigo Rojo – the lady in the red cloak. Cast aside your preconceptions of Nebbiolo, good or bad, and simply think of this in the context of the amazing Ver Sacrum project (easier if you have tasted the other wines). This is the darkest of all the wines in colour, and the only one that sees any meaningful skin contact during fermentation. Thus, it is a 'bigger' wine than the others, but it still offers those same hallmarks of delicacy and refined concentration. The nose is a beguiling swirl of rose petals, meat and red fruits. The palate has a purity and directness of flavour that confounds as much as it delights. There is a distinct touch of genius / madness at play here.

93 / 100, Descorchados 2020 (2017 vintage)

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