Via Revolucionaria! Sauvignon Blanc Piel 2016

Via Revolucionaria! Sauvignon Blanc Piel 2016

Quirky to say the least, this frankly bizarre and outrageously engaging wine comes from the same vineyards as Matias Michelini's incredible Agua de Roca Sauvignon Blanc; in fact, it is made from the same grapes! After the free run juice is taken away Matias presses the skins to make this completely separate and diametrically opposed wine. Aromas of asparagus, wild herbs, bergamot, nectarine and Earl Grey tea. Bone dry and strangely rich on the palate with a texture akin to a very high-end Fino Sherry, finishing with a lovely whiff of fresh mint leaves. What an inspiring winemaker this guy is.

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