Recoleta Criolla Tinto 2019

Recoleta Criolla Tinto 2019

Having sourced some truly exceptional Criolla wines from high-altitude San Juan (Cara Sur) and very high-altitude Salta (Vallisto) we decided we needed something a little more down to earth. This lovely example, which is actually made from the somewhat more humble Criolla Grande grape rather Criolla Chica, hails from Rivadavia in eastern Mendoza at a mere 700 MASL. The price is also significantly more down to earth and provides an excellent launch pad for those embarking on this very pleasant journey. Stylistically it’s light in colour (thin skins) and the nose is a combination of summer fruits and flowers with a subtle whiff of musk. Light, refreshing and juicy on the palate, this is a great, highly affordable alternative to Pinot Noir with its own distinctive, slightly exotic twist.

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