Cara Sur Parcela Los Nidos 2018

Cara Sur Parcela Los Nidos 2018

Los Nidos is a 0.5Ha parcel of old vines in Hilario, Calingasta. This simply stunning, very rare wine is effectively a field blend. We can't tell you the exact proportions or even the exact varietals because research into that is still going on in the vineyard. What we can tell you is we have Bonarda, Barbera, and various clones from the Criolla family. What we can also tell you is this is one of the finest wines we have ever tasted from Argentina. Whole bunches are stepped on underfoot before being thrown into a 2,000 litre concrete egg. Fermentation is spontaneous with wild yeasts from the skins and there is no temperature control. In fact, there's nothing modern or fancy, just beautiful fruit intensity and awesome winemaking on a tiny scale. Aged for 8 months in 1,000 litre eggs then bottled without filtration, this is wild and charming, complex and beguiling. Amazing floral aromas on the nose, masses of vibrant prickly red fruit character in the mouth. Just gorgeous!

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