Atamisque Petit Verdot 2016

Atamisque Petit Verdot 2016

Batten down the hatches, strap yourselves in, we’re off down the inky black-fruit highway for a hellraiser ride with the mighty monster that is Atamisque Petit Verdot! It’s one of those grapes that people often say… “Yeah, I LOVE Petit Verdot”… but it’s a bugger to get right on it’s own unless you’ve got a spare decade of patience on you. This big boy, however, has all the hallmarks of intensity – black in colour, dense and stony on the nose – but there is a wonderful generosity of texture on the palate that makes it much more than a macho statement wine. Yes, it will improve with time in bottle, of course, but it is actually very approachable in its youth and will see off the most daring of rich meaty cuisine with aplomb. If you’ve only ever appreciated Petit Verdot for its ability to bolster ‘Bordeaux blends’, do give this a go see how thrilling it can be as a solo flyer.

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