Mayfield "Lucky Horseshoe" Elderflower & Peach Gin Liqueur

Mayfield ‘Lucky Horseshoe’ Elderflower & Peach gin liqueurs epic label depicts another folklore tale from Mayfield, the tale of St. Dunstan’s Lucky Horseshoe.

Dunstan’s Lucky Horseshoe: The old devil returned to the village of Mayfield, his cloven hoof broken and lame, his pride a bit tattered too. St. Dunstan amid his holy fires, with silver ore and clanging irons, forged for him a red-hot shoe. Seven blows and the Devil was tricked, a fiery arc to his hoof affixed and forever since has Sussex lived beneath the luck of Dunstan’s Horseshoe.

Made using Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin as the gin base with natural and ethically sourced fresh, floral elderflower and sweet peach with a touch of quince, lemongrass and blackcurrant, this wonderful 50cl gin liqueur is perfectly balanced.

Clear pale straw colour. Lifted floral nose with notes of marzipan and pine. The palate adds fresh peach flesh to the mix, with the juniper berries also making their presence felt. The liqueur sweetness is perfectly balanced with the slight juniper bitterness, and the finish is clean and long.

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