Lauvia Hors d'Age Armagnac

Lauvia Hors d'Age Armagnac

Lauvia is an artisan Armagnac that starts life in the hands of several expert grape growers in the heart of Bas Armagnac, where Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Baco are vinified to perfection for the production of top class eaux de vie. The spirits are created by continuous micro distillations on the wine estates, in small batches at low temperatures to achieve maximum character.

This Armagnac is aged under the constant supervision and tasting of maître de chais Eric Durand in the famous ‘Cathedral’ in Eauze where he manages over 1500 casks. The first ageing is in new local oak of up to 9 months followed by around two years in second / third use casks, then completed in fully mature oak.

Non-chill-filtered, no added colour, classic artisan tradition.

Lauvia Hors d’Age is blended from eaux de vie from harvests between 1973 and 2000.

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