Posted by Laurie Webster, Jul 17, 2017

It is very gratifying indeed to receive this award from the discerning judges of the IWC, thank you. We would also like to thank all of our many customers in the trade who continue to support what we do. Thank you!

We can only assume we didn’t get this for our range of three entry level wines from Chile, much as they are very nice. It must be for our ever-evolving range from Argentina, from wineries with whom we have worked since our humble beginnings right up to our humble here and now, and those with whom we’ve more recently fallen in love. We’d like to thank all of you, too, because without your fantastic wines we’d be out of a job.

We do try to keep things fresh by introducing lots of new wines every year and, to be honest, it’s not that difficult because Argentina Herself is an amazing source of innovative, exciting wines at every turn. We simply respond by showing our faith in our winemakers and by bringing in the wines that really impress us. Fortunately, our loyal trade customers tend to like them too, most of the time.

Here’s our Helen at the IWC awards dinner in London on Thursday 6th July 2017, before imbibing a few celebratory glasses of whatever she could lay her hands on!

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