About Las Bodegas

Las Bodegas was founded in the spring of 2004 by a small group of like-minded colleagues and friends whose combined eye was on the look out for an exciting new business opportunity.

At this time Argentina’s market share was very small; less than 1% of the total UK wine market, and there seemed to be a distinct lack of choice from most UK wine stockists when it came to seeking out interesting wines from the world’s 5th biggest wine producing country – Argentina!

The company’s founders – four of whom are Argentine-born – quickly made plans to visit Mendoza and begin the process of finding great wines to bring back and sell in the UK. The expertise of another former colleague and Master of Wine was also enlisted to help combine the business plan with some serious wine sourcing talent.

Contact was made with some fantastic winemakers, most of whom we still represent in the UK today. Orders were placed, containers were consolidated, warehousing was organized, and the thing began to take shape. For the first time ever, Argentine wine would be given total focus by a UK importer / distributor, a company set up purely with the mission of making good Argentine wine flow and helping it to stake its claim amongst the great and the good from around the world, in arguably the most competitive wine market in the world, the UK.

Las Bodegas is growing and remains fully committed to its original purpose, but we still have lots to do. Argentina has never really enjoyed the mass appeal that was so successfully claimed by countries like Australia and Chile in the past, with their pile ‘em high promotions in the grocers; and perhaps it never will. Perhaps Argentina is simply destined to grow quietly and steadily in popularity, reaching out to discerning wine lovers from all over the country, and to be known as a country producing great quality wines that offer a genuine sense of provenance – and fantastic value for money compared to many of the usual suspects from other countries. We’ll drink to that, and we hope you’ll join us.